Torqeedo has a recall on the Travel Battery and Ultralight Battery. They are asking owners to send the battery in for a inspection and repair if needed for water possible water intrusion. I have the Hobie Evolve V2 electric motor on my PA so I filled the recall form out and received a email informing me mine was in the recall. Here is the cool part they offered me to trade in my 2012 year model battery and get there new WH 915 Battery with a 40 percent discount applied from paid price of old battery. Being that my battery is 7 years old and I can get a new one with 3 times the run time of my old one didnít need t think about trading up a no brainer.

With my 2012 battery I could troll 2 lines at 3 mph and have a range of over 22 miles. Iím hyped on the thought of looking at estimated range of 60 miles with the new one.

If you own a Travel or Ultralight Torqeedo Battery check out the recall as I only knew because ACK sent me the recall info.