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    Quote Originally Posted by biglenr View Post
    I wouldn't have shared it if I did. I DID think about it.
    I all most bought it since it came with a motor.
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    I've enjoyed my Frontier 12 and if you look long enough and act fast enough you can find a good deal. The 360 seat is the bomb. You can swivel to any angle. I beat the daylights out of my battle scarred example and there is never water getting into the hull. I didn't like the plastic seat base (it creaked) so I got a slightly higher powder coated aluminium one that is a bit higher and allows storage under the seat. They handle like a battleship and no fun in a stout headwind but don't be scared to buy a used one, especially if it has rod holders, a decent paddle or an anchor system etc. They have a square stern too and can take a 2 1\2 HB motor. It is almost impossible to tip one. I step into it from shore and can throw a cast net from it (carefully).

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    But the Hobies ARE most pedal boats because they invented it -years ago . I would never buy one of the propeller drive units simply because of the way they only work fully deployed. Hobie's propulsion in shallow water by the flutter kick makes all the difference. The seats are comfy and the room and storage capability of the Pro Angler is second to none. But, being a coastal fisherman, it makes total sense to me, possibly not to others, especially shallow rivers.
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