The misadventures of SlickRock/Meeting new "Friends"
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Thread: The misadventures of SlickRock/Meeting new "Friends"

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    Default The misadventures of SlickRock/Meeting new "Friends"

    Haven't felt human in two weeks, after contracting Giardia after fishing Grassy Branch in Spruce Pine, I felt like it was time to try again somewhere else. Grabbed the spinning rod and hit the Marion Greenway. My first contact there was with a naked, homeless guy at the Canoe launch. He was trying to raise the water level single handedly ( pun intended). In his slurred speech I did understand " Catch a big G.D. fish and I"ll filet it for us". I told him to have a good day, and moved upstream. After one skinny little Rainbow, I decided to just quit and go burn some powder with the AR. On the way out, I met this little cutie. I did hang around to make sure it got to the field it was aimed at. Click image for larger version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slickrocktom View Post
    Haven't felt human in two weeks, after contracting Giardia after fishing Grassy Branch in Spruce Pine, . . .
    Ouch. Not what you want to catch.

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    The outdoors lifestyle can certainly expose one to some interesting——and sometimes dangerous encounters. My most serious ones have been with people, although there have been a few snakes, bears, and a pack of feral dogs (that scared me worse than anything else).

    I moved to NC in 1982, and immediately started exploring public game-lands in Yadkin, Stokes, and Caswell counties. Alone. Deer and quail hunting. Inadvertently met some folks doing things they shouldn’t have been doing, like growing pot and operating a still—or piling 4 naked bodies in the cab of a pick-up truck—and they were not kids. And they were not friendly when I accidentally interrupted their ‘activities’.

    So sometimes people behave badly. Having been schooled on the south side of Chicago, however, I had a deep respect for the warped thinking and actions people sometimes demonstrate when they are surprised by an unexpected and unwanted guest. As in a 5-year stint with the Macon County, Illinois, Sheriff’s Department. Often on loan to the Chicago PD narcotics division. Complete with Fu Manchu mustache and hair down to my shoulders. And, I admit, sometimes a youngster’s cowboy attitude. Oh yeah, it was the 70’s.

    And, again, I was hunting, so was always armed with either a rifle or shotgun, and a much loved Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum hanging on my belt. Back then, that was a lot of firepower, and it quickly diffused any hostilities, or shot snakes or wild dogs after I had been treed like a raccoon. Or, I was really lucky.

    So, sometimes I feel pretty lucky to have made it to age 67 without major incident. All of this just to say that you never know who or what you are going to run across—and the average good guy citizen is in deep stuff before you even know you are at risk. Be careful out there! These days my biggest concerns are about degenerative disk disease, how hard it is to climb up into a 4-w-d truck, and the challenge of getting back down again. Ho hum!
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