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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoaldonkey View Post
    Only guessing, but I'm guessing, the only red wolf you've ever seen was in Asheboro.. The redwolf didn't survive beside the coyote. There were no coyotes east of the Mississippi when red wolf populations were thriving. Grey wolves didn't survive alongside coyotes, the US grey wolves moved back in from Canada where coyotes weren't and when they were, they were on the menu.

    And Dr. Oc- I had a farm on the North side of Mattamuskeet for years during ground zero of the introduction period... I thought it was one of the coolest things ever when they'd be out there gathering and howling in the evenings for about two years... then they departed the refuge and took up residence on deer leases and farms, and as you said, they were circling the drain thereafter.

    Sorry to high-jack a fishing thread with this, but couldn't let it slide... seems everybody in the center of the state always knows what's good for us on the coast. On a parting note, I'd be all about a reintroduction effort in Thomasville.

    Tight lines boys.
    Read this.
    Now fish and game has to protect them. These animals belong to the state, not just you who have land near them. I think to be frank, it's all about competition with hunters for deer. And if we had the land, I'd gladly welcome them to Tville. Never hear about black bears killing deer, but they do, as do coyotes and gators. Wanna wipe all these out too? The coyote, yes, but that's an invasive species.
    The red wolf was a NC native long before we were.

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    think that part of the perceived problem is that the definition of overfishing was changed mid way thru the rebuild project. The original southern flounder management plan was enacted back in 2005 and target were set to have stocks of flounder re-built by 2015 . In 2009 a new stock assessment was carried out indicating that the target or goal had not been reached but fairly close to being reached. More restrictions were imposed after that along with restrictions due to sea turtles requirements. When the next stock assessment was carried out in 2015 it did not meet peer review approval although it was good enough to indicate that flounder were still being overfished. But get this!!!! In 2010 the DMF significantly raised the target goal which made it much harder to end overfishing. One might get the idea that the DMF really did not want to see us end overfishing but it is what it is. Now we are being told that flounder are in desperate condition and drastic reductions must be made by both recs and commercials in order to save our flounder population. Trouble is this has been a banner year for flounder fishermen and lot s of us aint buying that doom and gloom sheet any more.

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    So small I haven't even seen a flounder this year! I Used to do really well with catching them but since the Hurricane-nada. I'm all for the closure. let them live and breed.
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