Back out at 530am FINALLY.

TEST DAY for topwater. Started with the Choppo because its $7 cheaper than the Plopper and they are different lures completely.
615 am and I latched on to a stud largemouth. Forgot my good landing net and I finally grabbed him midair with the small fold up net.
Great start and kicking myself for no good net in the boat.

I headed for a spot that I scouted early spring. Once again no net though. And here we go...3rd cast on a long rip rap bank and she's on. Pretty sure it's a catfish the way its stripping line off my 15lb drag. WRONG. Biggest spot I've ever seen. Too big to swing in the boat so we grab the small fold up net. Twice I get him on top of the net and he slides off. I just cant get him in the net sideways. I got my hands on him and he went nuts. One more run and he jumps and spits the lure. Yes, I am an idiot.

I caught another spot and it was time to go to froggin school since it was 930.

Same story. I had 4 huge blowups but no catch. Played with trimming the legs hoping that would cure the short strike. 2 more attacks no fish.

I'm going to tweak my gear until I figure this out.

Here are the results.

And the spot I lost was a good deal larger than this largemouth. I'll say it again the state record for Kentucky spotted bass will come out of Hickory.

Wish I could have weighed that bass just as a reference. My guess is he was around one pound shy.

Next report tomorrow!

Heading to Academy to see if they have any Choppos.

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