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Thread: Bass Fishing memberships/groups, clubs or associations

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    Default Bass Fishing memberships/groups, clubs or associations

    I see a few of you out there are members of clu s or Fishing Associations. What are some good ones to get involved in, especially if there are any local to The Triangle?
    I now know of B.A.S.S., NC BASS Federation Nation. What else are some good resources or groups to join and really dive in and learn/get experience?

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    Plenty of different bass clubs around. All are a little different depending on how their members choose to run them.
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    Not thrilled with BASS and I'm a life member. Our club years ago was dictated to by BASS and our state federation of BASS clubs. Soon the clubs from the northern part of the state were at war with the southern clubs and many went their own way. Politics in any club ruin it for those that just want to learn and occasionally fish with members. You might be lucky and find a club with members that you can learn from that know the waters not too far from home - I did! In fact I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for the two clubs I fished with in the same years but learned it can be very expensive. You are expected to pay part of the boat and tow vehicle expenses as well as launch fees if any. Add to that, annual membership fees - local club and BASS.

    If you find a club, watch and learn and tune out the politics. Concentrate on learning from others that have experience fishing different lures on different waters and make sure to observe angler etiquette even if your partner doesn't. I could tell you stories !

    Again, for me it was worth it.

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