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Thread: Perch Jerking with Dbeam

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    Default Perch Jerking with Dbeam

    Dbeam and myself hit lake hickory in search of some white perch to fill the cooler. What followed was nothing short of insanity, we ended up using around 300 louisiana swamp worms as bait. We were swinging the perch aboard three at a time for hours... And then some channel and flathead catfish decided to join in on the party. Fun fights on ultralight gear... After the cooler was full of fish, we hit the banks to find shellcrackers and bluegill. I ended catching a beast of a shellcracker, the biggest of my life.

    We were into the fish all day, and ended up being the best day numbers wise that me and Darrell ever had. I love it when a perch jerking trip turns into a multi species day.

    Btw, the monster shellcracker was released. He had good genes, wanted those to get passed on.

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    Click image for larger version.

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    A stellar day to remember definitely. A fish fry is all in my head now. Might carry a fish fryer to Bay River and see if a few delicious tasting fish will be caught for some hot grease for a Thursday or Friday night meal.
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    Awesome guys!

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    Oh yeah, that's a big mama stumpknocker, all right! Now bait you up one of those perch and soak it on a flat- big mama flatheads love those things! 🙂
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    Darrell and myself were discussing putting one of those perch out there on a carolina rig. We'll have to do that, caught two flatties in there in short order, has to be some monsters around.
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    As you guys proved, I graphed tons of perch on my scouting trip Sunday. Good work!

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    Awesome job, guys!
    - Sam
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