Rough Night on Lake Norman 10/5
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Thread: Rough Night on Lake Norman 10/5

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    Default Rough Night on Lake Norman 10/5

    With the first Fall weather coming in today, I decided to test out the fishing.

    I went bottom fishing with a friend at the end of a marina where my friend has his boat parked, we rigged up some large Striper minnows on bottom rigs and just tossed them down in hopes of catching a decent catfish or the odd Striper.

    Anyways things started slow and we ordered some food to be delivered to the Marina so when the driver pulled in I went to pick it up however, I assumed my buddy would just watch my rod. I thought wrong he went and started messing with some things on his boat and when I came back the rod was gone. What sucked was that this wasn't even my rod, I borrowed it from my old man because both my med-heavy action rods had gotten broke this Summer. My father had one of these cool older reels that measured the amount of line you had out as you dropped it, well my old man has never caught the fishing bug like I have but he'll go out on the Lake every once in awhile. If there was one fishing item he loved though it was that reel, he found it at a pawn shop for around 20$ and thought it was the coolest thing.

    Well that just happened to be the reel I lost, after some mild frustration with myself and a heavy dose of pizza I threw out another line. I caught a decent seven pound Channel cat pretty quickly. However, thats when my luck changed for the worse again. Since I got the skunk off I wasn't too worried so I decided to hook a bigger minnow off and try for a large catfish. After waiting around some time I get a massive bite, well I got to grab the rod and the hook had come clean off. My knot failed and I lost the fish...

    I cast my second line out and while I'm preoccupied tying my original rig back I lose another fish on the second rod.

    Needless to say luck was not in my favor tonight

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    Dang no telling where that rod is now.
    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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    tough times. makes the good days that much sweeter.

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