Yes there are blues on the lower pammy river
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Thread: Yes there are blues on the lower pammy river

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    Default Yes there are blues on the lower pammy river

    Spent the week down at the lower Pammy river area. The first three days the weather was horrible, for me fish probably could a cared less. Along about Friday The river calmed down and I fished some. I caught a few short flounder. That was about it. Saturday first light and the water was like glass I was using a spook and had pretty good explosive action from bluefish no less. I had caught some before so it was good to see them return. I ended up catching a couple for supper. It was my first time eating bluefish. I thought they were pretty good as did the wifey who is a fishy tasting fish connoisseur. Caught a couple of keeper trout but didn't cause we only planned to eat the one decent bluefish. Same kinda explosive reaction this morning.
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    when you say lower Pam, this side of Indian Island?

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