Falls Lake: NC: Low Water Pool: Handheld GPS coordinates for shoreline structure
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Thread: Falls Lake: NC: Low Water Pool: Handheld GPS coordinates for shoreline structure

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    Default Falls Lake: NC: Low Water Pool: Handheld GPS coordinates for shoreline structure

    I am a bass fisherman fishing on Falls Lake, NC launching from the Upper Barton Boat Ramp area. If you are familiar with the area, there is little structure in the area other than ledges, humps, rock beds, creek channels. etc.

    Very few trees hang over the water offering little shade. At regular pool, it is difficult to know where to cast to catch bass in shallow water areas as the shore banks have steep drop offs and laydown trees are hard to detect. With the lake being down significantly due to little rain lately, the shoreline structure like stumps, trees trunks in the water, cheek channels, etc are easy to see, now that the water is low.

    I am interested in marking these shore line structures with waypoints. My bass boat has two Lowrance GPS units which are great for marking underwater structures but I want to record the visible land structure. I thought about using my iPhone with Google Earth but with accuracy down to 13 feet is not really that helpful.

    Thought about a hand held GPS where I can take the handheld unit onto the shore line and mark structures while the lake water pool is down. Even the high end handhelds $200 are only accurate to 5 feet.

    Need an accurate GPS that can hold about 500 waypoints. What do you recommend? Battery life, camera not a concern. It would be nice if I could import the land coordinates into my Lowrance. I have taken pictures of several areas which is helpful but it would be nice if I could mark these structures with accuracy. THOUGHTS?

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    If you are marking shallow stuff on the bank I wouldnt think being off a few feet would be too big a deal, not like you are going to have to idle around in open water to find a laydown. In that situation you may fare better with a camera and a note pad taking notes to line it up with visible stuff on the bank.
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    A decent smart phone with gps enabled for the pics will serve you well in that application. Get the shoreline in the images, the gps coordinates will be shown the position the pic was taken from, and put a waypoint in for your plotter to make it easier to find later. It's best to have the coordinate format set the same for your chart plotter as the camera coordinate display.Then when the water is back to normal line up you shoreline background objects and you should be very close. There are apps for your phone to make this easy, but most modern Android phones will do this with just the standard camera.

    I am guessing you are likely casting to these spots normally. In my experience having those spots as a waypoint is fairly useless in less than 3 feet of water, unless the water is very stained, you spook the fish before you get to a casting position. Having a pic with shoreline references works better for me anyway. I try to take the pic from a good casting position to make it all easier later.

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