Badin Crappie 10/19
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Thread: Badin Crappie 10/19

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    We fished Badin early this morning. From about 9 to 12 the crappie were hitting pretty good. They were stacked up in 22 feet of water near a ledge that went to 16 feet. Nothing big, but good pan size fish.
    We kept 23 of them, and missed/released just as many if not more.

    For most of that time they were on the bottom, but moved up to about 15 feet for about an hour or so. Overall a good day on the lake.

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    Nice ! 23 keepers will for sure, stink up a pan. I like em pan size, can fry them whole. Fins get nice and crunchy. Gonna have to hit Badin someday.

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