June tactics versus Novemeber tactics
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Thread: June tactics versus Novemeber tactics

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    Default June tactics versus Novemeber tactics

    Looks like I will be headed up for a long weekend around Nov 8th. While I have visited in both October and January, and did do decent, my normal time frame is early summer. What I am wondering is how much I should change baits and tactics in the creeks, rivers and reservoirs for November? I fish for trout, and walleye mostly. I catch a lot of white bass, spots and smallmouth while I'm at it. Creek and river tactics in the summer, for when I am wanting meat on the table, usually consists of crawlers or crickets under a clear float drifted either down steam or cast upstream and drifted back. On Fontana I do a lot of vertical jigging with crawlers on jig heads and Cheoah/Calderwood get trolled with hootchies/dodgers and lipped plugs as well as some casting of lipped plugs and some cricket/crawler action. If I am just fishing the creeks for fun, I cast Roostertails and small rapalas. It all seemed to work in the past when I was there in cold weather, just wondering if I should hone my tactics a bit for better results. Thanks in advance.

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    Your river and creek approach really does not change that much IMO. Fonatana and all the Mt. lakes should be on fire. I noticed at James yesterday (temp 69.9) big bait schools being tore up all day. As the temps cool, only change I make is that I slow down my trolling or retrieve speeds. I need to hit Fontana or one those lakes in that area soon.
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