Looking for bowfin and gar
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Thread: Looking for bowfin and gar

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    Default Looking for bowfin and gar

    I’m limited to bank fishing and I have one spot nearby where I catch big bowfin, small bass, chain pickerel and have caught a gar. Also all three species of bullhead are there and tons of bream can be a nuisance at times. The bass are reliable but smallish and the bowfin don’t bite all the time but I’ve got numerous ones over 20”s. The problem is this spot gets lots of pressure and only a small amount is fishable less if there’s high water, plus a change of scenery might be nice.

    Anyway if anyone can put me onto a similar creek that has some bank access it would be greatly appreciated. I fish with my 9 year old boy who loves toothy fish. We live in Garner. We’re strictly catch and release and I always bring a couple of bags to pick up litter between casts.

    I’m not going to post my spot in the open but i will trade info or if you want to catch and keep a bunch of bullheads Send me a private message.

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    Sit down with Google Earth some eve and look for places similiar to your honeyhole. Also look for streams with old mill dams on them as the pools below them often hold fish. Sorry I can't help you more but I don't target these.

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