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    Hi All,
    I was looking to see if there was a chart or some other info that shows what kind of fishing in the areas of NC are productive during what months? If there is more localized info, I'd like to know what bites during what months in the Raleigh area. Prior to moving here, I would fish for bass and trout pretty much year round. Here I could use some help as I love to fish and am willing to expand my target species to get more time out on the water.
    Thanks for any and all help!

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    Bass bite year around here. Crappie bite good all winter aswell. Go back and search reports from years past when this site was alive and well. Several of us often posted some great reports on great days.
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    I fish all year round catch bass every month of the year key is fishing what is working and fish it. Can’t catch them if your not throwing something at them
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    Here are a few for Spring:

    Hickory Shad, American Shad, and Stripers run through eastern NC rivers
    White Bass migrate out of some piedmont lakes to spawn in rivers
    Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel migrate north. I was on a pier for this and these were getting caught on almost every cast for a few hours

    I am on a few FB fishing groups too and follow the catches daily

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