3 wt rod piece lost and found
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Thread: 3 wt rod piece lost and found

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    Default 3 wt rod piece lost and found

    I took my uncle from out of town fishing on a DH section in wilkes county. We used spinning gear since he was unable to bring his waders along.

    While we were fishing he got snagged and managed to pull out an entire euro nymph leader (butt section, sighter, and tippet) I was somewhat perplexed due to the fact it was the leader all the way to the perfection loop which was intact. We continued to fish and I located a rod piece. It belongs to a 3 wt. I combed the rest of the bank and couldn't locate any additional rod pieces. Not sure if the entire outfit got lost to the river or what the heck happened but if anyone knows who this might belong to point them in my direction. I'd be happy to give this piece back to them if its still worth anything to them at this point.

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    Interesting case. Thanks.

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