Crappie fishing well will just say it fit the name only 60 for the year crazy lake levels and bitter cold in early 2019 really hurt one of my favorite spots since water was so high up ib the trees at fall lake the bank I fish was under water until about April by than the bugs made fishing the bank with lanterns impossible.

Bass fishing 457 for the year and 64 over 4#. Biggest of the year came last few days of 2019 a nice 7# 4oz! Not all the fish were caught from the bank since I have access to a jon boat so did spend some time on the water but most of the big girls came from the bank except for three 6#+ that I managed to get trolling a buzz bait :-). Still need to work on my battling a fish from the jon boat lost about 10 very nice fish with them wrapping me on a log or diving under the boat on me.

In January and February spent much of my fishing time at a new lake that produced some surprisingly large fish in the past when we fished it would only get links but gave it a try on January morning and the results made it worth going back.

In March we started finding just links again so headed back to more familiar waters in one three day span mid march landed 29 bass and lost about 10 more not a single one was under 3#! They were schooled in two specific spots and a very specific line if ya missed the window a few feet left or right no fish but if ya came thru spot of last catch BAM. Three of us on a saturday wore them out since we were fishing a bridge most of the fish were walked to end so we didn't have to try lifting them over the rails and worked out great one would get a fish on fight till the bridge and walk it to shore, next guy throw line and same results. A few did get lifted up usually anything under 4 pounds. Bait of choice was red eyes and I have some so worn out from those days hardly any paint left on them.

April and May were the two best months numbers wise over 140 bass landed in that time the bait of choice was a popper and buzz bait or a worm if a fish blew up and missed the topwater. Popper outperformed the buzz bait again fishing another new body of water in the cary area. We were fishing what I would guess is a spawning flat and the big girl after the spawn were aggressive as heck.

June, July and August most of the fishing was either very early mornings or evenings in a jon boat to my surprise trolling a buzz bait behind a trolling motor produced some very nice 6#'rs!

Sept and Oct were the months of the ned rig. I hadn't fished them before but was talking to a guy who mentioned he was having good success on them I always saw them as a dink lure but to my surprise it produced a few 5# and alot of good quality bass along with its share of links. One little pond I found is at an office complex and water always looked clear with the fountain in it found out it has some nice bass in it lots in the 1-2# range.

Nov and Dec were the months of the red eye. November was slow with preps for Christmas decorating and our full house clean and other projects so not alot of time was spent at the lake however December found some nice 4+ fish, biggest of the year but generally found bite to be best from 930-1130 not usual during the week fishing times.

Each year my numbers and over 4# numbers have increased hoping I might be able to get to 500 this year but really looking to catch that allusive 10#!!!

To 2020 and this new decade good luck fishing and rule of thumb if your not at the lake or pond throwing a lure ya cant catch fish!