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    Default 2020 starting off the right way

    Headed out after lunch today and started tossing the red eye shad fourth cast something smacks the lure however nothing on however when I get the lure back in notice a small scale on the hook. Scale was from a bass not a carp and later activity for me confirms it. Kept working the area and a few casts more a nice 2# to start of the year, one interesting thing also was how I never felt the smack just all of a sudden weight.

    i keep working the area and again feel a smack on the lure nothing there but a few seconds later I now have weight and pulling drag like crazy. Landed the fish a 3.6# but the lure was in the side of the fish so fish must have turned on it after the smack and ended up getting hooked on the side more than mouth. Scales exactly same size and shape as one earlier.

    a few minutes later again during retrieve feel weight and a lot of it. Fish never goes airborne finally see a swirl and tail size and know I have a quality fish. She takes a run under some shrubs that hang over the bank gets wrapped on some sticks under the bush however was able to work her out from under them and successful landing. A nice 6.5# with lure hooked on both sides of the mouth.

    the wind really picked up so moved to other side of lake to catch the sunshine and have a break from wind joined up with a buddy. He landed a 3 and 4 on lipless crank however I had no success. Finally vpbefore leaving for the day dropped a worm and landed a 1#.

    Good way to start the year off this weather really seems to have the, moving and eating every fish has a nice healthy full looking belly
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    2020 LMB Total :130; largest 6# 5oz! Total over 4:14; lifetime largest 9.25
    2020 Crappie Total:75 biggest:1.5#

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    CONGRATS!! starting the decade just right!
    some people GO.. others(me) just thought about it.

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    Awesome catch! I have had similar results with a read eye shad in cold water I'll be cranking along and all of a sudden that lure turns into a anchor. I love cold weather Bass because of that. Tight lines

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