Renegade Bassmasters of Raleigh is currently accepting new boaters for our 2020 season. We are a boaters only club, fishing 12 tournaments a year, with an annual 3 day Classic each spring.

2020 Schedule:

#1 Feb 8, Falls
#2 March 21-22, Jordan
#3 April 26, Falls
#4 May 16, Kerr
#5 May 17, Kerr
#6 June 13, Badin
#7 July 25, Harris (4am start)
#8 Sep 26, Falls
#9 Oct 17th, Jordan
#10 Nov 14th, Macintosh
#11 Nov 21, Kerr
#12 Dec 12th, Gaston

As you can see we primarily fish Gaston, Kerr, Falls, Shearon Harris and Jordan with two tournaments a year reserved for other area lakes. In 2020 we will fish Badin and Mackintosh!!!
We are a boater only club. Members compete not only for individual tournament purses but also for Angler of the Year points to qualify for the Classic! Members can bring a guest to fish with them and the guest is a full participant in the tournament. For more information please visit our website: Facebook Also you can email us at [email protected]