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    I don't know how many of you have seen the Nocqua Batteries. I picked one up at the end of last summer and have used it a bit already. Its small, ,maybe the size of an 8wt fly reel. They are Lithium Ion batteries.
    They are lighter, hold the Ah rating until dead,develop no memory and recharge 5-10 times as many times as a sealed lead battery. They are available in 12v-4.4Ah and 12v-10Ah. I got the 4.4 Ah model and have used it on a Garmin Striker4+ all day long and it was still going strong.
    Seeing as how they weigh less than half of a Sealed Acid battery,they are great for kayaks,paddleboards and canoes. They recharge quickly and have accessories that will let you charge a phone or power lights.
    I have been really happy that I can leave the bulky battery box at home! Thumbs UP rating!!
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    I made the switch from lead acid to a lithium battery for my fishfinder this fall after have problems with multiple 12v lead acid batteries (I have a fairly large / power hungry Lowrance HDS 7 TI on my canoe / kayak, which would drain a standard battery in 3-4.5 of fishing). No issues with the lithium battery so far. 12V 10aH lasts all day. Bought a different brand, but still very pleased with the performance

    12 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Battery - 12 V 10 Ah - LiFEPO4

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