Hickory 3/23
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    Got on the water after lunch. Water is normal level and just perfectly stained.

    Fish are still moving in and near the creek mouths and they just ignored my jig. I threw everything but a crankbait and changed to a squarebill. 5th cast 1lb spot that was stripping my 18lb drag when it saw the boat. I'm spot fishing for a friend so that's 1. That was it for the creeks.

    Wind was perfect for my favorite flat and a bigger spot nailed me and I nailed him. That's 2. Next up a 2lb spot acting like a striper. I am still amazed how those things fight and they are quickly becoming my favorite fish. That's 3.

    I drifted over to some brush and soon had a toad on. Straight down, back up and shook once and that was it.

    Even better I saw something white floating and eased over to find a new Whopper Plopper!

    A great day out and things will break loose soon!

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    Wow good score on the whopper plopper. Oh and the fish too.
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    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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