Bass boat VS Kayak fishing
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Thread: Bass boat VS Kayak fishing

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    Default Bass boat VS Kayak fishing

    I have been in Hillsborough now for about 2 years, although haven't had much time to get out on my kayak. I have recently been thinking about and looking at getting something like a tracker pro 175 bass boat, but am curious how many lakes within an hour or so allow them on the lake. For example I know Falls, Jordan, Harris..... but what about any other lakes around Hillsborough?
    Also any thoughts or suggestions on what good lakes to hit? I will be doing my own research as well but figured I would ask. I was at Lake Michael yesterday and saw a bass boat on the water, that is pretty close to me and I didknt know they allowed gas engines.
    Thanks for any feedback

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    It is best to just ask the lakes. Some lakes won't allow you to launch at all if you have a gas motor. Some allow launch but you can only use the trolling motor if it is over some horsepower. 10 hp is the typical limit. Some smaller lakes allow you to run any size motor but have speed limitations. It really depends on the size of the lake and who manages the access.
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    Hyco and Mayo wouldn't be real far. Also a bunch of city lakes like Mackintosh, I have never fished them but hear of people fishing them.
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