Lake Norman / Lake Hickory / Moss Lake / Lake Rhoadhiss
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Thread: Lake Norman / Lake Hickory / Moss Lake / Lake Rhoadhiss

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    Default Lake Norman / Lake Hickory / Moss Lake / Lake Rhoadhiss

    Looking at taking my 10 years old son fishing this Saturday... We live between the following lakes... Lake James, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Moss Lake, Rhoadhiss, Lake Hickory... Just wondering if anyone knows where they are spawning, I want to teach him about site fishing but really need some help on where they are starting to bed....

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    Hey there, It isn't very surprising that nobody responded to this post. No introduction, greeting, please, thanks, or anything that resembles social skills. Going right for it and asking for some of an anglers best information... great strategy...NO SIR. LOL Anyhow, i reckon you learned that the rain made it impossible to sight fish last weekend. Grab some worms, go find some bream. That is probably the best route for entertaining a 10 year old. Otherwise, if you want to know where the beds are, I recommend you go look a little bit. Good luck, and work on your approach.
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