Hi all, new member here. Really happy I found this forum, and looking forward to participating.

About me: I grew up in Brunswick County, near the ocean (my childhood home was probably 6 miles from Holden Beach, as the crow flies) and the Shallotte River. Despite being from "the beach", I never got into much saltwater fishing, and instead spent my childhood years, teens, and most of my twenties mostly fishing for bass in farm ponds. At one time I was a VERY avid fisherman, fishing multiple times a week, and more days than not I was out fishing somewhere.

In 2000 I moved to Orange County, and in the 20 years since, I'd fished maybe twice until yesterday. What gives? Well, it was a combination of being busy with my new career (the reason I moved up here), and simply not having a group of guys to fish with, not knowing the places to go, who to ask for permission, which spots you did or didn't need permission to fish, etc. Eventually I just got new hobbies and kinda quit. But I kept all my gear in the closet, and the urge never *really* gets out of you. Over the past year or two I've found myself thinking about fishing more and more frequently, and then with this whole COVID-19 thing, I admit, I did start thinking a bit about "could I catch fish to feed myself if things got really bad, either now or in some future crisis." As somebody who is a little bit of a "prepper" anyway, I figured now would be a good time to dust off my gear, re-spool my reels, and go find some spots to fish.

Thankfully, the Internet exists now, and especially Google Maps and satellite view, which helps a lot with finding spots. Especially if you're into roadside fishing, you can find where certain creeks cross certain roads, etc. very easily. So yesterday I went out to do some on-site scouting of some potential spots to fish New Hope Creek, and even wet some lines for a while, at the Stagecoach Road waterfowl impoundment.

Of course, I"m not fishing *only* for practice in case I need to fish for food one day. Now that I've got my gear in the truck and have some places identified, I hope to start fishing fairly regularly again. In the near-term, I expect a lot of my time will be spent on New Hope Creek, since it's close to where I live (Chapel Hill).

In the future I hope to explore University Lake, Cane Creek Reservoir, and maybe the Sellers Manufacturing Company Lake down in Saxapahaw. Unfortunately I don't have a boat right now, so limited to bank fishing, which makes working those larger bodies of water less appealing. Maybe I'll buy a kayak soon or something.

I'd say my primary target is still Largemouth Bass, but most days I'll be happy to catch anything that bites, definitely including Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, or whatever. We have some species up here in the Piedmont area that weren't commonly found back home, that I haven't fished for in the past, like White Bass, Pickerel, etc., so it would be fun to land something new.