New Hope Creek at the Hollow Rock Nature Preserve on Erwin Road

Even though the forecast was calling for rain, I left work a little early and drove over to Hollow Rock to see if there was good access to the creek there. Turns out there is. Just park in the main parking lot and follow the trail off to the right and it takes you right to the creek. That's the good news.

The creek itself was very shallow through here, which is what I expected. The current was running faster than what I probably expected though, to be honest. At least in the center of the channel. There are, of course, slow areas and pools here and there. Those are mostly where I tried to work.

Started out with that chartreuse green "janky rigged" worm that I still had tied on from Stagecoach yesterday. Cast it around into some of those pools and slow areas in the bends. Nothing doing. Tried casting upstream and working the bait back down to me. Nada. Tried casting downstream and working the bait back upstream. Nada.

After that, I decided to try something "sneaky." I stopped at Walmart on the way over and picked up some plastic clip-on bobbers. Having those, I switched out to a lead-head jig with a green color, and the green plastic body from a Beetle Spin that I had in the tackle box. Then I clipped the bobber on about a foot above the lure, and cast it into one of those pockets of slow water in a bend, and left it drift around. Nothing happening. Tried casting it upstream at about a 45 degree angle, but I had the jig too far below the bobber and got snagged on a log and lost another jig. That's two in two days. Not a real auspicious start.

Switched to a different jig with a red/white plastic body and white jig head with red eyes, and moved it to be maybe 8 inches under the bobber. Worked that thing all over the creek, including numerous casts where I'd cast upstream, and just let the current carry the thing downstream until it got to a slow area. Only then would I tighten the line a little and start giving it some twitches and jerks and slowly retrieve it in. I tried dragging the jig to near various kinds of cover, letting it hang out there a while, with the occasional twitch, and still nothing.

By now it had started raining, so I packed it up and called it quits. Skunked again.

Clearly I have some work to do, to figure out this creek fishing stuff. Anyway, at least now I know two good spots to access NHC (Stagecoach and here), and I already know there are more access spots in Duke Forest, as well as Johnston Mill Nature Preserve. There's also at least one roadside spot you can hit the creek from, on Mt. Moriah Road behind New Hope Commons. I'm going to keep working this thing until I figure it out.

That said, I'm going to fish more than just New Hope Creek. I think I'll try either or both of the Upper and Lower Little Creek impoundments this weekend. And visits to University Lake and/or Cane Creek Reservoir are going to come eventually.