04/02/2020 - New Hope Creek @ Stagecoach Road impoundment - Redemption! First fish of the year.
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Thread: 04/02/2020 - New Hope Creek @ Stagecoach Road impoundment - Redemption! First fish of the year.

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    Default 04/02/2020 - New Hope Creek @ Stagecoach Road impoundment - Redemption! First fish of the year.

    New Hope Creek @ Stagecoach Road waterfowl impoundment

    OK... I know what you're thinking. No, really, I do. You're thinking, right now... "Phil, if I read one more fishing report that starts with 'XXXX2020 - New Hope Creek @ Stagecoach Road impoundment' and there aren't some fish mentioned in this 'fishing' report, I'm personally going to drive to your place, and beat some sense into you with an old Zebco spin-cast reel."

    Thankfully for both of us, it won't come to that. But I digress.

    Looking for a measure of redemption (revenge, even?) at the abuse I've taken from New Hope Creek so far, I went back out there again today to go one more round. I probably looked like a punch drunk Rocky Balboa struggling to stay on my feet (and slurring my speech?) but I wasn't gonna go down without a fight. No sireee. This creek was gonna yield some fish or I was gonna die trying.

    This time, I decided to focus my attention on the area near the spillway, based on some advice from @Bleedingblue. And I decided to stick mostly to Beetle Spins, Rooster Tails and maybe some small craw-fish shaped crank-baits, based on advice from @mdd71 and BleedingBlue. I never got past the Beetle Spins as it worked out, which was OK.

    I started out with a chartreuse green Beetle Spin, casting from right beside the spillway opening, on the long concrete wall side, diagonally across the main channel. It took somewhere around 30-45 minutes, but lo and behold, the most amazing thing happened. A fish hit! And I landed it. Yay! I haven't forgotten how to fish after all. What a relief! This first fish is what I take to be a redbreast sunfish. Not sure I've ever caught on of these before, but looking at the identification guide, they look pretty distinctive with all that red.

    After putting him back in the water, I made a few more casts with the green Beetle spin. Nothing doing, so I switched to an orange one. Worked it a while, and got nothing, so I switched out to a Beetle Spin with a black body. A couple of casts in, I landed fish #2, which I think is a white crappie.

    I didn't find anything else with the black Beetle Spin, so I switched out to one with a red/white color combo and worked that a while. I got two strikes in water shallow enough I could see the fish, but either he was just swiping at the bait, or I mistimed the hook set, and didn't manage to land a fish either time. But I will say this... I've owned these stupid red/white lures for more years than I care to remember, and I'm pretty sure I've never caught a thing on one of them in my life. It's usually something I tie on when nothing else is working, thinking "today will be the day this obscure piece of hokum actually works." And today it almost did. So either I proved to myself that red/white lures have some actual value, or found out that fish will sometimes hit at anything, and that the law of large numbers applies to fishing as much as anything else.

    Anyway, I ended the day with a much larger lure, my tried and true Johnson Silver Minnow with the night crawler body jigged onto it. Figured I might as well make a few casts with that and take a shot at scoring one decent sized fish. Nothing doing, but at least I didn't come home skunked again.
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    The two sunfish are warmouth some people call them goggle eye. Nice catch!
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    Phil, your 'can-do' and never give up attitude is refreshing. I am really happy you caught some fish, I think you've earned it. If you approach what we've talked about in PM's with the same tenacity, you'll probably be posting bass in the 5 to 8 pound class before summer. Congrats!
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    - Sam
    "Things are only impossible until they're not!"

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    Congrats on finally catching some fish.
    Tight lines,

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    Nice job!!!!
    Red X Angler
    There is always a way

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