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    Multiple locations in Durham and Orange counties

    The plan for today was to start by hitting up many (most?) of the bait and tackle shops around Jordan Lake, doing a big loop by going down 751, West on 64, and back up Farrington Road and back up towards Stagecoach. Then go fish, spending a couple of hours each at 2-4 spots, depending on how the fishing was going.

    Mission mostly accomplished. I hit up Seagroves Supply first, and they had a pretty nice selection of tackle and fishing supplies. Spent too much money, but added some quality items to my collection. Mostly plastic worms, as I found that a lot of the soft baits I had in my worm box have dried up / dry rotted / fallen apart after 20 years in the closet. So I'm basically re-establishing a collection of plastic baits from scratch.

    Drove South on 751, and stopped at Craig's General Store down at the intersection of 751 and New Hope Church Road. Not a great selection, but they had one or two useful tidbits I didn't already have. The main thing I got here was sodas, beef jerky, gatorade and ice for the cooler.

    Went down to 64, and headed West towards Wilsonville. Stopped at the Cruizers store at the corner of 64 and Farrington. They had a decent selection of tackle. Don't remember for sure, but I think that's where I found a few Rebel Teeny Craw lures, so I picked up 3 or 4 of those in different colors.

    Headed North on Farrington Road (the Chatham County one) and ended up at Lakeside Grocery, right at the corner of Farrington Road and Lystra Road. They have a really nice selection of tackle, and lo and behold, I found Johnson Silver Minnow spoons! So I was able to replace the one I lost the other day at Little Creek.

    That was it for my tour of stores, but I had identified what I thought might be a good spot for bank fishing Jordan Lake using Google Maps, so I ran down Lystra Road a bit to scope that out. Found it, got out of the truck and walked down this trail through the woods, that puts you right on the bank of the lake. There were quite a few people out there, and amazingly, people were dragging canoes and kayaks and what-not through these woods to get in the water. So I found a place to bank fish AND a place to launch a (small) boat.

    I also noted several other prospective bank fishing locations while I was driving around. That's important to me at the moment, since I don't have a boat. I do think I'll wind up buying an inflatable at some point, but not sure exactly when.

    From here, I headed up Farrington Point Road to Old Farrington Point Road to Farrington Mill Road to Farrington Road (the Durham County one), which put me at the Lower Little Creek waterfowl impoundment.

    Stopped here, planning to fish an hour or two. I think I went about an hour and a half, catching nothing. This time I spent most of my time using more bass oriented lures, hoping for a big ole bass... the goal today was not to throw Beetle Spins and pull in more perch. But there either were no bass present, or they didn't like what I was selling.

    Thought about going to Stagecoach to hit up New Hope Creek next, but was feeling kinda tired and so wanted to move in the general direction of home (Chapel Hill) so I decided to try New Hope Creek at the Hollow Rock Nature Preserve on Erwin Road instead. Mistake. I drove all the way over there and the parking lot was SMASHED. Not a single place to park and people everywhere. I could have messed around there and eventually found a place to park, but I don't like crowds even under normal circumstances, and definitely not now. Considered going back to Stagecoach, or maybe trying the I-40 waterfowl impoundment and throwing some lines in Third Fork Creek. Then I remembered this "Mystery Pond" on Mt. Moriah road that I've long suspected was there, but had never truly scoped out. It was right around the corner, so I drove over there.

    As it turns out, there *is* a pond where I thought there was. It's a vacant lot in a commercial area, but this side of the road is all wooded and undeveloped, and the pond is right near the edge of the road. You can *almost* see it from the road, which is why I thought it was there in the first place. Parked right off Mt. Moriah and fished for for a while. There was limited bank access through, and I didn't feel like walking around there a lot, so I gave it 45 minutes or so and gave up.

    Still had plenty of daylight left, so my options seemed to be: Go back to Stagecoach after all, or go try Third Fork Creek. In the end I decided to go with familiarity. I'd done enough driving and exploring already. So back to Stagecoach for a few more hours of fishing New Hope Creek.

    Again, spent more time trying to target bass specifically. Didn't wind up catching anything, but I did have a fish on briefly, before he shook my hook loose. And amazingly, the bait I hooked him with was that stupid red/white Beetle Spin I was complaining about before. I guess something in these waters really does like that red/white color combo. But aside from a few minutes of tossing Beetle Spins, I mostly worked micro crankbaits, all along the main channel in front of the spillway. I'm actually a little surprised I couldn't connect with anything. Tossing small crankbaits, working them down to rocks, bumping them into and off of rocks, etc. is so "tried and true" for smallmouth in particular... and I tried several different baits in different styles and colors. But nothing drew any interest. :-( Oh well, that's fishing for you. As another posted said "these bass read different books and watch different videos than I do." So true. You can do everything "textbook" and not catch a fish one day, then come back another day with some janky homemade lure that looks like a WWII Spitfire airplane more than any kind of baitfish, and slay 'em all day. I guess that factor is exactly what keeps this interesting and fun.

    As I was leaving, I noticed another guy fishing along the retaining wall, and he had a *nice* stringer of fish, including at least one that looked like a nice bass at a glance. I'd have stopped and chatted with him, but it appears he only speaks Spanish and sadly I only speak English. A lot of Spanish speaking guys seem to like fishing this spot, so maybe I need to start taking the idea of learning some Spanish seriously again. I was working on it at one time, when I was dating a girl who was a native Spanish speaker. But I've forgotten most of what I learned back then. At the very least, I need to learn how to say "Catching any fish?" in Spanish.

    Anyway, this story ends, as most of mine do, with dark-fall approaching, and me packing my stuff up and heading to the truck. No fish, but there will be another day. And one day I will finally catch a fish on one of those red/white lures.
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