What was your most memorable canoe trip?
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Thread: What was your most memorable canoe trip?

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    Default What was your most memorable canoe trip?

    My most memorable canoe ride was the very last leg of a self-powered journey throughout maine that i took with a friend in may also/june of 1991. we commenced out on bicycles in portsmouth, new hampshire (simply south of the southern tip of maine), crossed into my home state via a bridge, then rode our motorcycles for 3 days to attain sugarloaf mountain. from there we hiked the appalachian path and logging roads to reach a friend and a totally stocked canoe (family canoe trips) at telos lake. from there, we paddled the allagash and saint john rivers to reach madawaska, maine and the northern border with canada.
    What was your most memorable canoe trip?
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    Mine is definitely a trip I took on the James River in VA with some co-workers. There were 4 of us in 2 canoes and it was supposed to be 3 days and 2 nights on the river.....

    Me and my boater had all our gear in dry bags. The other boat had theirs in garbage bags. They promptly dumped the canoe in the first rapid and soaked everything they had. Took till almost dark to find a place to camp by which time it had started raining quite steady. The camp site was a small island in the river that was frequented by cows judging by the number of cow pies we saw. Managed to get a fire going but ended up dumping our pre-prepared dinner on the ground. Had to eat it anyway. One of the guys in the other boat got the prize of a very long, we assumed, cow hair in his food. The guys in the other boat about froze to death overnight because they were wet and it rained all night.

    Wake to sunny skies. Soon after breakfast we see an old man and his wife drop the rapid just above the island we were camped on and then he throws out an anchor which grabs the bottom solid in the current and sinks his canoe. We jump in our canoes and paddle out to help. He is hanging onto the canoe while his wife floats downstream. He is much more concerned with his cooler of beer than his wife. End up cutting the anchor rope and getting them on their way. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful but about 5 PM we started looking for a camp site. Despite a guide book saying there was camping all along this stretch all we saw were yards, barb wired fields, and sheer banks. Finally around dusk we found a site but it was a gravel pad beside a canoe launch across the river from what appeared to be the world's largest redneck campout. We figured sleep would be difficult at best. Looking at our map it appears there is only a mile or two more river to get to our takeout so we make the decision to just head to the takeout. Of course it is further than we calculated and it gets completely dark and we are still paddling. Luckily we have one flashlight each in the boats and there is a bit of moon. We paddle to the drops by moonlight and then use the flashlights to walk the canoes down the rapids. It is very slow going. My boat is in front and from the boat behind we hear "it's still working!" and they had dropped their light in the river too deep and swift to retrieve. Now down to 1 flashlight the batteries die. Thankfully we have a spare set but it changing them in the dark is no easy feat and if we drop one we are toast.

    It is well past midnight when we finally creep up to the takeout. We are so tired we nearly miss it. After we load canoes I'm driving to the put in to get the other vehicle, but I'm so tired I cannot stay awake. I don't know how we made it without wrecking. Finally, about 3:00 AM we make it to town and get a hotel room. Thus ends the most memorable and epic float of any kind I have ever taken.

    PS - Fishing wasn't even that great cause we spent so much time paddling we couldn't fish.
    Tight lines,

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