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    I needed my main prop (stainless 3-blade) for my Yamaha 50-hp 4-stroke full-on refurburshed, as well as my backup prop needing just the rubber bushings replaced. I checked with friends for recommendations, but had to go to Google to find someone in my local area. I found Blue Ridge Propeller Repair in Mcleansville, NC, about an hour's drive from my home in the Southern Pines area. My main prop had been used and abused for about 15 years, earning scars, chips, and snaggly teeth from hard things like rocks, sunken roadways, and steep launching ramps. Not to mention bent a little. Hole shot was gone, the prop was slipping on the bushings, and so on. Jason, the talented young man at BRPP, put both props on his computerized equipment, gave me the word on what was needed, gave me a price, and sent me off to a local burger drive-through for my dinner (it was about 8:00 pm at the time). About an hour later, the easy prop was done, the main prop had been aligned and welded, and in about 20 minutes more, the grinding and polishing was also finished. I ended up with two beautiful pieces of artwork, at a very reasonable price. The next day, the main prop was back on the engine, the hole shot was back, the rpms were stable at any throttle setting, top end was increased, and I was a very, very happy man! If you need prop work, I recommend that you call Jason at 276-340-1597.

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    I haven't heard of that outfit.
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