05-14-2020 - Some pond in Chapel Hill, "Mystery Pond" in Durham
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Thread: 05-14-2020 - Some pond in Chapel Hill, "Mystery Pond" in Durham

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    Default 05-14-2020 - Some pond in Chapel Hill, "Mystery Pond" in Durham

    A pond in Chapel Hill
    "Mystery Pond" in Durham


    Today's fishing episode was pretty uneventful for the most part. I started out at a pond in Chapel Hill that I've fished once or twice, without ever catching anything. I finally broke the curse at this place, by netting this awesome specimen:

    Outside of that, the most excitement was a cop coming up to talk to me. Luckily it wasn't anything to do with me, I just happened to be there, and he came up and said they'd had a report of some suspicious activity near the pond, and he wanted to know if I'd seen anything. As it happens, I had not, so I couldn't help him. It was, though, the first time a cop has approached me since I got my concealed carry permit, so it was the first time I had to remember the little spiel about "I am required to inform you that I'm a concealed carry permit holder, and I am armed right now", blah, blah. He was just like "That's cool. Catching any fish?" LOL. We talked about fishing for a while, then he left.

    After that I went to this place in Durham I call the "Mystery Pond." It's not really anything special, it's just that the pond is right in the middle of a commercial area, but on an undeveloped lot that's heavily wooded, and due to the way the road level is slightly lower than the lot the pond is on, you can barely see the pond from the road. I drove by it a hundred times and kept thinking "It looks like there might be a pond up there" before I bothered once to slow down and take a long, hard look and confirm that there was actually a pond there. It was years after that before the first time I parked nearby and walked up there to see how big it is and if it's fishable. The first time I went, I only fished a few minutes and didn't catch anything. Today I stayed longer and landed a few small fish.

    Nothing to write home about, but catching any fish in a new body of water is good. At the least, it confirms that the water is pure enough and whatever blah, blah, to support fish life. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bass of two in there.

    After catching those guys, I walked down the road a bit and fished a little ditch / unnamed tributary of New Hope Creek that crosses the road nearby. Didn't catch anything there.
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