05-15-2020 - Rhodes Creek @ Old NC 10, Bolin Creek @ Franklin Street
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Thread: 05-15-2020 - Rhodes Creek @ Old NC 10, Bolin Creek @ Franklin Street

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    Default 05-15-2020 - Rhodes Creek @ Old NC 10, Bolin Creek @ Franklin Street

    Rhodes Creek at Old NC 10, near Mt. Hermon Church
    Bolin Creek under the Franklin Street Bridge (Chapel Hill)

    Decided to try a different spot on Rhodes Creek, a little further upstream of where I tried it before. Where Old NC 10 crosses the creek, there is (barely) enough room to stand on the side of the road and fish in the creek. And that's assuming nobody drives by in an RV, or swerves your way a bit due to texting-and-driving, etc. Honestly, probably not the safest place to fish, but I'm not exactly the sanest person you'll ever meet.

    Dabbled around in there for a while using something similar to that pink Berkley Powerbait "Crappie Nibble" stuff, but a different brand, and green instead of pink. Not sure if fish just don't like this stuff as much, or if this spot just doesn't have many fish, but bites were few and far between, especially earlier on. I eventually found a spot near a laydown where I got a few bites from bait thieves, before one of them finally gave me a bite I could hook him on. That turned up this fine specimen:

    I finally gave up on that spot and drove around looking for another spot to possibly fish Stony Creek. I found a spot that looks promising, but didn't try it today. I'll go back another day.

    Decided to finish up by going back to Chapel Hill, near home. I parked at Community Center Park off Estes Drive, and walked down Bolin Creek Trail to where Franklin Street crosses over the creek. Went down under the bridge and fished in the creek there for a while.Again, action was pretty slow. I caught one little fish... a bluegill, if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was a green sunfish.. one or the other. It wasn't anything notable in either case.

    Worked my way upstream a little bit, walked out on one of those big sewer pipes or water mains or whatever they are, and fished a little pool there beside the trail for a few minutes. Nothing happening.

    At that point, I decided to call it a night and head home.
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