05-18-2020 - Booker Creek @ Eastgate Crossing - good multi-species day
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Thread: 05-18-2020 - Booker Creek @ Eastgate Crossing - good multi-species day

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    Default 05-18-2020 - Booker Creek @ Eastgate Crossing - good multi-species day

    Booker Creek behind Eastgate Crossing

    Lately a lot of my trips here have been of the "just go fish with a hook and bobber with the Berkley "fake live bait" stuff to catch *something*" variety. I do that when I just want to have the joy of catching a fish, without caring much about the species or how big it is. But today I decided to forgo that and throw some lures around and see if I could catch something bigger and or more notable.

    Tried about 5 different varieties of Beetle Spin before connecting with this Warmouth.

    After that, played around with more inline spinners, a wacky rigged Senko worm, and a plastic bodied crawdad Texas rigged, and then just hooked through the front with a nail weight jammed in to make it heavier. Nothing doing with any of that, so I finally switched to the good ole hook 'n bobber and Berkley Powerbait. My first or second cast turned up this little Bluegill.

    After that things slowed down for quite a while, especially with those stupid turtles chasing my bait all over the place. I kept having to snatch it out of the water to avoid some highly undesirable by-catch. I swear, I'm about to start googling for "turtle recipes" and plan to get rid of those nuisances for once and all!

    Anyway, I finally hooked into another fish, and this one turned out to be quite the surprise. I wasn't even sure what species it was when I first pulled it out of the water, but apparently it's a Golden Shiner. I didn't know they got this big. I also didn't know that they lived in Booker Creek. I only ever think of them as something you buy at bait shops if you're fishing for big ole bass down in Florida or something.

    And that was enough of that for one night. I had an 8:30 conference call for work that I had to get home to, so it was short trip this time.

    Also, if you're wondering, none of those fish actually have a bright green tint to them. That's a reflection from the "safety green" colored t-shirt I was wearing. :-) Remember, #SAFETYFIRST

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