Lake Apalachia Dam Ramp
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Thread: Lake Apalachia Dam Ramp

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    Default Lake Apalachia Dam Ramp

    Is there any word if they will ever open back up the ramp down at the Apalachia Dam? Thanks

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    I doubt that ramp is ever coming back. Firstly, for Carolina to police it, they have to drive to Tennessee. The road to it crossed the barely wet, usually, riverbed. That "road" might have been mostly washed away from extended sluicing after the dam was vandalized. Somebody shot a hole in one of the tubes that carries generation water 8 miles downstream to the powerhouse. Apalachis sluiced all it's flow for a few months. When the ramp was open, I've been told that vehicle break-in's were rampant.

    It's a shame that Apalachia Lake doesn't extend into Tennessee. It barely misses by less than 200 yards. If Tennessee and Carolina shared it, Tennessee could police that west end. It's likely more Trout would get stocked, more Rainbows for sure. Tennessee and Carolina do a good sharing Calderwood. The Apalachia Dam Road is gated these days. I don't think that you can get within sight of the dam any more.

    I just don't see anything changing anytime soon. It sure would pump up access to have a road and ramp just off TN Highway 68. I'd say we were lucky to have the new ramp at the top end. It's about 12-15 miles past Apalachia Dam Road.
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