"Mystery Pond" in Durham

After work today I did a lot more driving around, looking at potential fishing spots. It was raining too much to actually fish, at least early on. I drove up into the Hillsborough area and looked around a bit. Explored more Eno River spots, including Kings Highway Park. I could see fishing there one day.

After all that, I went down to Stagecoach Road, just to look and see how high the water was at the spillway with all this recent rain we've had. Yowzers! That normally sedate looking little area looked like the ocean. The gates to the parking areas were closed... I wouldn't be half surprised if it was because they didn't want somebody trying to climb out on the dam during all this, slip, fall, and get washed away to a watery death.

Still had plenty of daylight remaining, and the rain mostly stopped, so I went to the "Mystery Pond" in Durham and actually fished for a while. Threw a bunch of different Beetle Spins, a wacky rigged chartreuse green Senko, a chatterbait, and some other random inline spinner. Nada. Just to satisfy my curiosity as to whether or not *anything* was biting after all this rain/weather, I broke out the Berkley Powerbait goop again. It took a long time, and a lot of casts and a lot of watching a bobber float, but I finally landed one Bluegill. My curiosity satisfied, I decided to go home and watch fishing videos on Youtube... at least I can live vicariously through people who are catching fish.