Booker Creek at the Starbucks at Eastgate Crossing in Chapel Hill

After spending most of the day stripping old line off of reels, switching reels around, putting new reels on rods, re-spooling reels, etc., etc., I finally got a little bit of fishing in. I'll skip the stuff that happened at a pond in Chapel Hill, because the TL/DR; is "didn't catch a daggum thing." But I decided to go back to Booker Creek, but instead of fishing from the back side of the shopping center, I decided to go fish right off the patio outside of Starbucks. They were closed, so no big deal. I probably wouldn't try this if they were open, because A. I'd probably get chased off, tasered, arrested, etc. and B. it probably legitimately would not be safe to be casting there with people walking around. Somebody might wind up with a hook in their eye and I don't want to be responsible for something like that. Especially if it's my eye. #SAFETYFIRST

I stuck to using a hook and bobber and the Berkley Powerbait crappie nibbles stuff. I have had the most luck so far with the pink color, but I have tried the yellow and white as well, and some green colored ones that are a different brand, but same basic product as far as I can tell. Tonight I was experimenting a bit so I tried, for example, putting a piece of white and a piece of pink on the hook together.

In the end, my efforts netted me one normal looking (albeit small) green sunfish, and this mutant looking Chernobyl reject. Interestingly, this fish has a sort of weird albino-like thing going on that closely matches another fish that I caught in Bolin Creek a few miles away, about 3 weeks ago. For those of you who don't know the area, Booker Creek and Bolin Creek merge a few miles downstream of where I caught this, and become Little Creek (the "Little Creek" of the "Lower Little Creek" and "Upper Little Creek" waterfowl impoundment areas). Not sure if this effect is some weird genetic thing, or if it's related to some issue with the water quality. Bolin Creek I know has had some pollution related issues. And both creeks do run right through the middle of Chapel Hill, so maybe some researchers at the "Secret Government Sanctioned Mutant Fish Genetics Research Lab" let a few specimens escape or something. Or maybe these are actually Zeta Reticulan shape shifters and they're just trying to gaslight me...

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