Some pond in Durham
Cate's Creek at Cate's Creek Park in Hillsborough (sort of)

Went back to this one pond in Durham that has caught my fancy. It looks kinda fishy, but so far I'm not convinced it actually holds any fish. It definitely does, however, hold some aquatic life, as I've seen turtles in there and today I "caught" a crawfish. Yes, a crawfish. It didn't actually bite into my bait and get hooked, and I wasn't targeting it, but it grabbed on and didn't let go until it was on the hill.

Here's what happened. I made a few casts with this little blue/white tube jig, and wasn't getting any hits. At some point, I got curious about how deep the water was right in front of where I was standing, so I started dropping my line in the water and watching for the line to go slack and then pulling it back in, trying to estimate the water depth. After doing this a couple of times, I felt something pulling on my line when I started to bring it up. Much to my surprise, when it broke the water, it was this guy. For a split second I thought I had snagged somebody's previously-list crawdad lure! It took a minute for me to believe that an actual crawdad had grabbed my bait and was just hanging on for dear life, even as I pulled him up onto the bank. Darndest thing.

I fished here a little longer, got no hits, so decided to go over to Cate's Creek Park and see if the park was open and if there was any good access to Cate's Creek. Unfortunately, while the park *was* open when I got there, a thunderstorm was also moving in. I got out of the truck and walked maybe 25 yards down the trail in the direction of the creek, then realized that the thunder and lightning were awful close, and decided that it wasn't worth the risk of getting hit by lightning to explore this creek. So I ran back to the truck and called it a day.

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