Some pond in Durham
Cate's Creek at Cate's Creek Park in Hillsborough

After getting off work on Friday, I decided to go back to this new pond in Durham and try to establish for sure if it holds any fish or not. I figure if it hold even some bluegill or sunfish of some sort, that's a good sign. So I went in planning to just use a hook and bobber and some of the Berkley Powerbait crappie nibbles stuff, as well as some hotdog, and see if I could stir up any bite from anything, even a small panfish of some sort.

In the end, I fished here for probably an hour, covering quite a bit of the pond, using both hotdog and the Berkley stuff as bait, and got not a single nibble. Disappointing, but I'm starting to think there are no fish of any sort in this pond. OK, maybe some catfish or something that I wouldn't find with this technique. But I'm even skeptical of that right now. OTOH, as established before, it does have some aquatic life, including turtles and crawfish, so the water seems capable of sustaining life. Maybe no fish have ever been introduced in here? Or maybe the pond dried up at some point and killed any fish that were there? Maybe they've all been caught and harvested? Who knows. In either case, I'll probably be taking this spot off of the list.

Anyway, decided to go back to Cate's Creek again since the weather was nicer today. Went back to Cate's Creek Park, made my way down to the water, and fished for quite a while. And netted nothing. I had one small fish (maybe a green sunfish) on, but just as I lifted him out of the water, he shook off the hook and escaped.

I moved up an down the creek here, tried a few different baits and lures, but there just wasn't much happening. The current was running pretty strong though, which made things difficult. I may come back out here another day and explore more, but so far not overly impressed with this area.