Booker Creek behind Starbucks at Eastgate Crossing in Chapel Hill

I'll spare you guys the stuff that happened earlier in the day... driving WAY up into the outer reaches of Northern Orange County to explore some potential fishing spots. And finding some that look promising. I'll also spare you the bit about the flat tire WAY up in the outer reaches of Northern Orange County, and the air compressor that wouldn't work. But I'll mention the nice man named Billy who happened by on his tractor and offered to run home, get an air tank, and come back and inflate the tire for me. I'll also offer a shout-out to the Slime Sealant company as the "slimed" and re-inflated tire got me home with no problems.

But not before I stopped by Booker Creek to wet a line or two.

Nothing dramatic today, but I did catch another catfish. This one was bigger than the one from yesterday and put up a heck of a fight, stripping drag, and running all over the place. I put this one on the scale, and he weighed in at 1.30#. Nothing special, but a fun catch on ultralight gear. Caught this guy using one of those Berkley Gulp! Alive minnows, under a bobber. That same combo also turned up a couple of Bluegill and a Green Sunfish. Otherwise, things were fairly slow back there today.