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    Default The adjustable drop shot

    With summer imminent, I figure a lot of the post-spawn bass have moved, or will be moving, into deeper water. It looks like drop shotting could be an effective way to work soft plastics in deeper water (or a good ole Carolina rig). The downside though, is that it takes a lot of time to change the distance between your hook and your weight. I figured somebody must have come up with a way to deal with that, and some googling around turned this up:

    This does have some drawbacks, of course. Like the fact that you can no longer rely on a weak knot at the weight to let you pull the line off the weight if it gets snagged. So if you get snagged and have to break your line off, depending on where it breaks you might lose your hook and bait as well. I'm also curious what effect that split-second of time that it takes the weight to come up to the hook will have on hook sets.

    All in all though, this looks worth experimenting with. And the author of the video even says he sometimes uses this just to figure out the right leader length, and then switches to a regular drop-shot rig for the "real" fishing.

    Anybody try this, or something similar? Thoughts, or alternatives?

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    Default The adjustable drop shot

    I use the weights pictured. I attach my hook with a palomar knot leaving a long tag end. The weight can be attached anywhere on that tag end making it adjustable. No need to tie on the weight. The line pinch point on the top of the weight holds extremely well. It will pull off if snagged but wont cast off unless you are trying to make some Olympic style cast.

    Im sure his system is fine. If I were to use his system I would tie my own bobber stops using Dacron line. I never used bobber stops I always made my own.

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