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Around ten years ago we had a large family vacation in Nags head. I decided to bring my ride 135. I purchased j hooks for the trip and couldn't wait. So the day came and I loaded it up. Being super nervous I tied as much down with rope as well. Heading down 95 all a sudden the kayak started to fall down over the driver side. OMG. I was a complete idiot and went around the bar that's on the car and not the cross bar giving a lot of room for it to jump around. It actually bent the cheap j hooks, which was another mistake. I tied everything to what I thought was going to hold and was scared to death the rest of the way. Now at nags head and ready to take on the ocean. That's right the ocean not the sound or anything smart. At this time I was an ok kayaker with little kayak fishing under my belt. I try taking it out with no gear and started to learn very quickly this was not a game. Trying to just get on it was difficult and dangerous. The first try the ocean just picked it up and through it into me. An 85 lb kayak getting launched at you by the force of the ocean is a scary thing. I figured out I have to go almost out to my mid chest brave for the wave then hop in and go. Finally got out and came in after the test run. I decided to load up with all the tackle I brought which again was stupid, I had tons of gear and most of it was pointless to use. I did what I mentioned above and got out. Realizing that it was pretty rough for a while so I paddled out past the breaking waves. WOW I got out there and I was clueless. I tried to face into what I thought were the waves but other waves would crash into the side of me. Time for a oh Sh// check. I realized my life vest completely undone and got that taken care of. I knew the last thing to do was panic so I calmed myself down. The surface started just blowing up anywhere. I seriously was in the middle of a national geographic mullet run. All I could see underneath me was fish that were bigger then most of the bass I caught. THIS IS BAIT?! OMG I brought a little spoon used for crappie and bass. No exaggerating there was thousands of fish running under me. After being mesmerized by this experience I look up and I'm way down from where I came out. Being young and in decent shape I'm thinking no problem. I start paddling hard back to my family. After several minutes of hard hard paddling not much progress. I knew if I stopped I would just drift farther I decided to head in and I would drag the kayak down the beach. Heading in I surprised myself with how well I was doing. I surfed a wave in as I got close and thought I was the coolest guy in the world. As the wave faded I didn't see the bigger one behind me. It tossed me completely over throwing me under with the kayak being pushed on top of me at the force of the wave. I ended up face down in the sand with the kayak upside down slammed up against my legs. I was in a good amount of pain and as the wave went back i was able to to pull it out from under the kayak. Bystanders on the beach came to help me and also grabbed my kayak. 2 broken rods but no other lost gear since I leashed everything and bungee cord everything down. I'm luck I didn't get stabbed by the broken rods or other gear. Long story but something I will never forget and will never underestimate the power of water ever again.

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Yea, been there, done that...

The first summer I had my kayak, I decided to bring it down to the beach during our family vacation. We had so much junk, I actually had to rent a small trailer just to get all our stuff to the beach.

Midway through the week, I decide itís time to launch the kayak at the beach (ocean side) and do some fishing. I got up early, drove as close as I could, and made 2-3 trips back and forth to get my kayak and all the gear loaded.

I did my best to survey a spot that would have minimal waves, but still did a poor job with the timing and launch. I hauled the loaded kayak out into the waves, waited for one to break, then attempted to hop in and paddle out. It did not go as planned.

The next wave turned me sideways and immediately dumped me. Fortunately, it was not too deep and I was able to keep the kayak from completely flipping, but it was being thrown against me with every passing wave. I was fighting a losing battle.

Out of nowhere, a beach angel appeared, waded into the surf, and helped me steady the kayak. I managed to climb back on and started paddling, making it through the breaking waves. I donít know who that guy was, but I am grateful that he appeared.

After making it out to deeper water, it took a good 5-10 minutes for my heart rate and the adrenaline to go down. Of course, the only thing I could think about next were all of the shark attacks that had been happening earlier that summer on the coast (there were 3-4, so it was at the front of my mind).

I paddled around for a bit but didnít have much luck fishing. Fortunately, I managed to get back to the beach without any additional disasters and that was the last time I took my kayak out on the ocean. Mother Nature is no joke!

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