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    Hi Everyone - trying to plan a 3-4 day retreat with the family and ideally would love to find a cabin & small fishing lake or pond set up. I've done some searches and seen a few options, but looking for specific recommendations from folks that may have some first hand knowledge. I do not have a boat, yak or canoe. Cannot be too far from civilization as wife will want to get some retail therapy as well! I'd be more focused on warm-water fishing and smallies as opposed to trout. I'd appreciate any suggestions?

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    We stayed at an Airbnb called “Cottage on 50 Acres w/Pond &Mtn View-20 min to Avl” recently and enjoyed it. The place itself is small, but very usable with a large, private property. And it includes a small pond we had exclusive access to that contains some ok to pretty good fish in it (22” LMB was the biggest I caught). Access to downtown Asheville was surprisingly easy/quick.

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