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    Just an FYI for those of you looking to fish Lake Adger over the next couple of weeks. Here is the announcement the home owners received:

    This week, Northbrook will be gradually taking the lake level down till it reaches 907' by Sunday (Aug 9th). It's going to stay down for a few days and then gradually return to normal (911') over the next week. This is being done to facilitate maintenance at several Duke Energy facilities downriver.

    The Main Marina and public boat launch will remain open during the drawdown, but the marina area may be inaccessible from the lake this weekend. As always, please use caution on the lake during low water conditions as more hazards are exposed.

    Will try to keep you updated as this progresses. And if you want to give ACE your opinion on the dredging project let me know and I post the request, plans and contact information.

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    Looks like they finally going to dredge the marina and boat launch out too.

    Good news

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