Additional Fish Attractors on Lake Adger
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Thread: Additional Fish Attractors on Lake Adger

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    Default Additional Fish Attractors on Lake Adger

    This past Monday NCWRC graciously put in two more sets of fish attractors here at Lake Adger. One is on the left in a cut in the bank just before a set of boat docks as you enter the Sís. The second is on down toward the dam just before Frog Rock. Come check them out and the next time you see someone from the WRC tell them thanks.
    OK so you think you are smarter than a fish, let me see you prove it!

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    I've hit both of them since they were put in. I didn't know about them, just thought, "Wait, that wasn't here last week". I think I've caught one little bass off one with a crappie jig. Fishing on Adger is tough, or at least tough for me! I'd like to see what it is they put in, must be virtually vertical structure as I see very little on the Garmin down there.

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    As bad as I hate to say it after 3 trips to lake Adger without catching anything I started going to lake James instead. It is about a 30 minute more drive for me but has been worth the extra time.

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