Where to buy a boat near Oak Island?
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Thread: Where to buy a boat near Oak Island?

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    Default Where to buy a boat near Oak Island?

    I know this ainít the boat forum but that one seems a bit lifeless.

    A friend wants to buy a new fishing boat for saltwater. He lives in the Midwest and just bought a place near Oak Island. Probably looking for something around 24í with all the bells and whistles. Any recommendations on boat dealers?

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    Good year to be a boat dealer, bad year to want to buy.
    Covid-19 has depleted almost all back stock.
    Call Joel Roaming of Saltwater Marine. Joel is a good guy, honest & reliable..... ICM


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    Anglers Marine and Jimmy's Marine are nearby and good places.

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    Let me second the recommendation of Saltwater Marine and Joel Romig. He is first class. I bought a McKee Craft from them in 2006 and they do all the service on it and on the Yahamas on two Jon boats. Not sure what 24’ boats he sells these days since McKee Craft closed. Have a lot of friends who have Robalos from Anglers Marine in the Supply-Shallotte area. They seem very pleased but I don’t have a clue about their service department. Also, the Grady White dealership in Wilmington has gone through some changes. I think they are now Atlantic Marine. The original Atlantic Marine (pre- Grady White) in Wrightsville Beach, was the dealer my uncle (an excellent mechanic) used for his boats. I don’t know for sure but I think they bought out the Grady dealer. As best as I can tell, they sell Gradys and Chaos boats. The good thing is it is hard to buy a bad boat these days. Parker, Contender, Regulator, Southport, Sea Hunt, and a host of others have great boats. But I would check out the reputation of the service departments before buying. A boat/motor is only as good as the service it gets- which is why I keep going back to Saltwater Marine and Joel Romig.
    Whitefish 115, Oak Island, NC
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