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    Hi there fishing friends. Michael here, figured it would be proper to write an introduction for all of the lurkers to silently criticize, the moderators to edit and the old timers to grumble over. I joined this site in order to try a feeble attempt to give back all that I have gleaned from here over the years of reading. I guess my selfish nature was overcome by a small glimmer of charity. I will do my best to humbly record any useful info I come across. (I will first diligently search the forums first so as to not duplicate info.) I am here also because I despise social media such as the Bookface, and want to try to keep forums such as this alive and active.

    A little background, I will keep it brief. I grew up in the deep south areas of Mississippi and Louisiana. I guess you could say fishing is in my blood. There are photos of my mother in waders chest deep holding a rod with me in her belly. One story she often tells is when her and my father were out one day, she felt a hard bony plate brush across her stomach (and me inside). Thinking it was a gator, she hollered out to my pops. Turns out it was just a giant alligator gar coming by to give me well wishes and an offering of truce. So out of respect I try to avoid angling for that notoriously toothy breed.
    I grew up in a boat in the backwaters, oxbows and bayous. Fishing mainly for bass, as my father and his were both avid bass fisherman. My grandfather attempted to go pro in the mid seventies when everything was just getting going but ran out of money on the trail and gave it up.
    Since growing up and out into the world, I have tried as many different angling experiences as possible. Maybe I am a creature of habit but out of all the finned friends on the other end of the line, I still return to the bass.
    My posts will mostly be relegated to fishing reports and thoughts generally on bodies of water I have been on. They will be just as much for my benefit of reflection as I have the memory of a goldfish and this is as good as any of a way to posses a fishing diary. Except it is my hope others will share in my joy, frustration and humor of this wonderful sport.
    I will also occasionally sprinkle in product reviews I deem worthy of mention, recipes (I have been a professional chef for 20 years) and of course any PB's I am blessed to come across. Thanks to all for reading and to those who have contributed to this platform, and thus enriched my knowledge. You da real MVP.


    P.S. Attached is a photo of a real purty smallmouth I came across one day.
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    Thanks Michael for the introduction and welcome to what used to be a thriving forum.

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