Waterproof plugs for bilge and live-well pumps
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Thread: Waterproof plugs for bilge and live-well pumps

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    Default Waterproof plugs for bilge and live-well pumps

    I've replaced the bilge pump (twice) and most recently the motor (cartridge) for my live-well on my Carolina Skiff DLV198. I asked our local marine store if one brand was more long lasting then the next and his response was not really. Both of my pumps are Attwood brand which means parts are easy to find (Walmart, Amazon, local marine store, etc.).

    They are easy enough to replace myself but I was wondering if anyone is using a waterproof automotive plug instead of solderless butt connectors with heat shrink? I'm thinking if I'm going to be replacing them every once in a while anyways I might as well make it as easy as possible.

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    Can try covering your connections with heat shrink or liquid electrical tape.
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