Headed back over the "Lake Ben Johnston" today after work. It was short trip since, well, it was "after work" and there just aren't a lot of daylight hours this time of year. But I made what I could out of it.

Today I decided to forgo any attempt at bass fishing and try targeting some catfish. I tied on a hi-lo type rig with a sinker and two pieces of shrimp (frozen, grocery store stuff) as bait. Worked the point right at the confluence of the Eno and Sevenmile Creek for a while. Nothing happening there. Made my way down to the Ben Johnston Road bridge over the Eno and fished around the bridge pilings for a while. Nothing doing. Finally it was about to get dark, so I called it a day. Skunked again.

I dunno... I've heard that catfish will eat about anything that smells strongly, and that frozen shrimp will catch them. But it didn't attract anything today. So the age old question stands: bad location, or bad bait? (or both)? After leaving there I went over to Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up some Berkley Catfish Bait stuff. I also had a couple of cans of Vienna Sausages at home that I meant to take, but forgot and left on the counter.

I may go fish Crabtree Creek (Wake County) some tomorrow, and I'll probably try again for a catfish and see what I can scare up. I'll try the shrimp again, but also the Vienna Sausages and/or the Berkley stuff.