Down in BrunsCo for the Thanksgiving holiday season, and while I'm here, me and my cousin Anthony, and our friend Don, decided to sneak out and do some fishing on the Shallotte River yesterday. We put in near Shallotte Point and headed up river. Fished 4 or 5 different spots, using a combination of popping cork + Vudu Shrimp, various soft plastic jerkbaits, etc. I even broke out the "take a chatterbait, take the skirt off and replace it with a soft plastic bait" trick. But in the end, we fished for somewhere around 4 hours, and nobody caught anything but Don. He got one keeper speck, and one little peanut speck. It was just a slow day across the board.

Still, it was fun to get out and do some salt-water fishing for a change. Don and I may go out again tomorrow, so hoping for a shot at redemption and actually catch a fish or two.