11-27-2020 - Shallotte River @ Shallotte, NC
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Thread: 11-27-2020 - Shallotte River @ Shallotte, NC

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    Default 11-27-2020 - Shallotte River @ Shallotte, NC

    We went back out for more fishing on the Shallotte River and surrounding areas today. Fished up and down the Shallotte River, then cruised over to Holden Beach to fish the canals on the backside of the island, then some more miscellaneous small side creeks in the area.

    Fishing from around 11:00am until right at dark, with three of us in the boat, we managed one under-sized speckled trout. As luck would have it, I caught that one, so I can now add speckled trout to the list of species I've caught. And I can at least say I avoided being completely skunked today.

    Still, it was a slow day all around. We talked to a number of other boats, and as far as I can tell, basically nobody was catching any fish out there today. We tried everything too: all kinds of Vudu shrimp under popping corks, soft plastic paddletails, hardbait jerkbaits, mirrolures, yadda yadda. We even cast-netted some minnows and fished live bait for a while. Nothing doing. Guess the weather was too perfect. We'll go back out and try again tomorrow.

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    Some days its just that way.... full moon rising..
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    Friends, Fishing, Fellowship..RED X ANGLER

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