Welcome to the Club Forum! We at NC Angler Inc. are happy to provide an on-line facility for the members of various fishing clubs to communicate with the others in their club. In doing so we ask that you review our policies regarding use of club forums (reprinted below for convenience), family friendly guidelines, etc.

Because we do not allow commercial activities in the club forums (selling of products, promotion of sponsors, etc) some clubs find they need their own website in order to promote fundraisers, sell club materials, etc. in addition to the forum we provide.

If in doubt if posting certain material is allowed, please contact a member of our admin/moderator staff before posting.

North Carolina Angler Inc. is not a part of these clubs nor is it, it’s officers or moderators responsible for the actions of the clubs. The forum we provide is for communicating with local members only. They are not operated by NCangler.com and we have no legal connection to them. This forum, while designed for local groups (clubs), are open and viewable to the public and thus must conform to all published rules and guidelines in keeping with our 'family-friendly' policies. No commercial activities are permitted in the club forum including mention of club sponsors (businesses) or promotion of fishing tournaments or events that involve sales of products or services.

Again, welcome to the forum and TIGHT LINES TO ALL!