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    Default M302 VHF Radio

    Product Manufacturer: ICOM
    **** Discontinued in 2007 - replacement model is M304 ****

    Rated to J.I.S.7 standards, the M302 holds the highest waterproof rating on the market. It boasts ICOM's new FORCE5AUDIO, which means you never miss a call due to loud engines or strong winds - The speaker literally blows away background noise! Built-in Digital Selective Calling (DSC) allows you peace of mind with the knowlege that you can send a distress call at the touch of a button, relaying your position and vessel information in the event of an emergency (when connected to a GPS). The large, backlit display allows you to see the channel number in adverse conditions along with channel names up to 10 characters long. Other features include a die-cast aluminum chassis for durability and heat dissipation and ICOM's TAG scan system, which allows you to add or delete a channel from your scan list at the touch of a button. Dual and Tri watch, WX channels, Weather alert and all US/ Canadian/International channels are in there as well. Bundled with a 3-year waterproof warranty

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